Smackables Carts


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Smackables Carts Flavors


Purple Punch Distillate
Watermelon Z Live Resin
Alien OG Distillate
Mystery Live Resin
Vanilla Frosting Distillate
Green Crack Live Resin
Ice Cream Mintz Distillate
Orange Flow Live Resin
Strawnana Distillate
Slurricane Live Resin
White Fire OG Live Resin
Zkittlez Distillate
Cotton Candy Distillate
Master Kush Live Resin

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Alien OG Distillate, Cotton Candy Distillate, Green Crack Live Resin, Ice Cream Mintz Distillate, Master Kush Live Resin, Mystery Live Resin, Orange Flow Live Resin, Purple Punch Distillate, Slurricane Live Resin, Strawnana Distillate, Vanilla Frosting Distillate, Watermelon Z Live Resin, White Fire OG Live Resin, Zkittlez Distillate


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